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The 4-trillion-a-day Currency Market is one of the most volatile and is influenced by many factors. FxWire Pro is a professional grade real-time Newsfeed service built in partnership with IB Times, which provides investors and traders with a comprehensive yet succinct overview of the global currency market news and events.FxWire Pro is the only professional Newsfeed service to remove unnecessary "information noise" and deliver precise, high-quality expert analyst and journalist commentary in a trader friendly format.FxWire Pro is "the recommend forex newswire service" for MetaTrader 4 and comes readily integrated on all DV Live MT4 accounts.Coverage of all global financial markets, macroeconomic, geopolitical and market-moving news events as soon as it happens.Real-time alerts for Economic indicator releases within seconds.Round the clock news coverage during Asian, European and American trading hours. Review of the day's currency market movements including the impact of fundamental news. Overview of the next days' major events that can affect the currency markets.

Date / Time Country FX Pair Headline
26-Feb-2020 13:37-GMT United States DXY U.S. Treasuries slump ahead of 5-year auction, FOMC members’ speeches
26-Feb-2020 13:08-GMT Eurozone EUR/USD Europe Roundup:Sterling weakens on rate-cut expectations, European shares fall,Gold gains, U.S. crude drops below $50-February 26th,2020
26-Feb-2020 12:06-GMT Norway USD/NOK FxWirePro: USD/NOK nudges closer to record peak, likely to close above 9.4000 
26-Feb-2020 11:40-GMT Turkey USD/TRY FxWirePro: USD/TRY jumps to fresh 9-1/2 month peak, intraday bias bullish 
26-Feb-2020 11:39-GMT United Kingdom GBP/USD UK gilts gain ahead of BoE MPC members’ speeches
26-Feb-2020 11:32-GMT Germany EUR/USD German bunds mixed ahead of ECB President Lagarde’s speech, February employment report
26-Feb-2020 10:56-GMT Denmark USD/DKK FxWirePro: USD/DKK tumbles to 2-week trough, dip till 6.8490 likely 
26-Feb-2020 10:23-GMT Korea, South USD/KRW BoK may frontload rate cut at tomorrow’s monetary policy meeting, says DBS Economics & Strategy
26-Feb-2020 09:59-GMT European Union EUR/GBP FxWirePro: EUR/GBP breaks above 21-DMA, good to buy on dips
26-Feb-2020 09:36-GMT United States XAU/USD FxWirePro: Gold downside capped by 200-HMA, good to buy on dips
26-Feb-2020 09:32-GMT Australia AUD/USD Australian construction work done falls in Q4, largest quarterly decline in over a year
26-Feb-2020 09:04-GMT United States XAG/USD FxWirePro: Silver erases previous loss against U.S. dollar, stay long only above $18.20 mark
26-Feb-2020 08:55-GMT Australia AUD/USD FxWirePro: Aussie plunges near 11-year low amid persisting coronavirus fears 
26-Feb-2020 07:29-GMT Australia AUD/USD Asia Roundup: Aussie near 11-year low, gold rallies as epidemic fears hit risk appetite, Asian shares plunge - Wednesday, February 26th, 2020
26-Feb-2020 07:02-GMT South Africa USD/ZAR FxWirePro: South African rand falls gradually against U.S. dollar, stay long
26-Feb-2020 06:38-GMT India USD/INR FxWirePro: USD/INR rejects key resistance at 72.10 mark, good to sell on rallies
26-Feb-2020 06:08-GMT India USD/INR India's IPO plan likely to benefit insurance industry, says Fitch Ratings
26-Feb-2020 05:52-GMT China USD/CNY FxWirePro: USD/CNY trades in narrow range, sustained close above 7.0285 requires for upside rally
26-Feb-2020 05:35-GMT Singapore USD/SGD SGD likely to remain susceptible to a broader market tone, says Scotiabank
26-Feb-2020 04:28-GMT Japan USD/JPY FxWirePro: Asian markets in red, gold stabilizes below $1,650 mark
26-Feb-2020 04:17-GMT Taiwan USD/TWD FxWirePro: USD/TWD fails to find support above 30.50 mark, good to sell on rallies
26-Feb-2020 03:45-GMT Singapore USD/SGD FxWirePro: Singapore dollar trades flat ahead of industrial production data
26-Feb-2020 01:58-GMT Thailand USD/THB FxWirePro: USD/THB hits fresh 9 - month high at 31.87 mark, Thailand’s industrial production data in focus
26-Feb-2020 01:49-GMT Korea, South EUR/KRW FxWirePro: South Korean won trades marginally lower as manufacturing BSI index data misses expectationstec
25-Feb-2020 23:51-GMT United States DXY America’s Roundup: U.S. dollar falls as Fed rate cut expectations rise,Wall Street deepens losses, Gold retreats, Oil slips as virus fears outweigh supply cuts-February 26th,2020
25-Feb-2020 13:50-GMT United States DXY U.S. Treasuries jump ahead of February consumer confidence, FOMC members’ speeches
25-Feb-2020 13:04-GMT Eurozone EUR/USD Europe Roundup: Sterling rebounds as recovery in risk appetite hits dollar, European shares dip,Gold retreats from seven-year high, Oil steadies above $56-February 25th,2020
25-Feb-2020 12:17-GMT Norway USD/NOK FxWirePro: USD/NOK hovers towards record high, intraday bias bullish
25-Feb-2020 12:02-GMT Denmark USD/DKK FxWirePro: USD/DKK retreats from 1-1/2 week trough, jump till 6.9075 likely 
25-Feb-2020 11:21-GMT Turkey USD/TRY FxWirePro: USD/TRY retreats from near 1-week trough, likely to break above 6.1600 
25-Feb-2020 10:47-GMT Germany EUR/USD German bunds rally after Q4 GDP disappoints investors; ECB’s Lagarde in focus
25-Feb-2020 09:48-GMT European Union EUR/GBP FxWirePro: EUR/GBP eases below 0.8400, faces resistance at 21-DMA
25-Feb-2020 09:24-GMT United States XAG/USD FxWirePro: Silver recovers slightly in European hours, U.S. consumer confidence data in focus
25-Feb-2020 09:05-GMT South Africa USD/ZAR FxWirePro: USD/ZAR trades in narrow range, stay long only above 15.18 mark
25-Feb-2020 08:56-GMT China USD/CNY CNY unlikely to recover solidly given overnight risk-off sentiment, says Commerzbank
25-Feb-2020 08:08-GMT China USD/CNY PBoC avows more rate cuts to offset coronavirus impact, says ANZ Research
25-Feb-2020 08:05-GMT Australia AUD/USD FxWirePro: Aussie consolidates above 0.6600 as coronavirus cases spark pandemic worries
25-Feb-2020 07:26-GMT Korea, South USD/KRW Surge in coronavirus cases fuels growth risks in South Korea, says Oxford Economics
25-Feb-2020 07:21-GMT Australia AUD/USD Asia Roundup: Antipodeans steady on Fed rate cut expectations, yen rallies as coronavirus spread widens, Asian shares consolidate - Tuesday, February 25th, 2020
25-Feb-2020 07:20-GMT China USD/CNY FxWirePro: USD/CNY back below 7.02 mark, good to sell on rallies
25-Feb-2020 06:16-GMT Taiwan USD/TWD FxWirePro: USD/TWD consolidates around 30.40 mark, further sideways movement likely
25-Feb-2020 06:00-GMT Australia AUD/USD Australian ANZ-Roy Morgan consumer confidence declines on weakness in financial conditions
25-Feb-2020 05:54-GMT India USD/INR FxWirePro: USD/INR touches key resistance at 72.10 mark, sustained close above requires for upside rally
25-Feb-2020 05:07-GMT Australia AUD/USD Australian bonds tad up in silent session tracking U.S. Treasuries amid decline in S&P500
25-Feb-2020 03:46-GMT Thailand USD/THB FxWirePro: USD/THB stabilizes above 31.50 mark, stay long
25-Feb-2020 02:35-GMT Singapore USD/SGD FxWirePro: USD/SGD exhibits range bound movement, downside limited
25-Feb-2020 01:47-GMT Japan USD/JPY FxWirePro: Japanese yen trades marginally lower despite robust Services Producer Price Index data
25-Feb-2020 01:36-GMT Korea, South EUR/KRW FxWirePro: South Korean won rises in early Asia despite lower than expected consumer confidence data
24-Feb-2020 22:26-GMT United States DXY America’s Roundup: Dollar pushes higher as virus spreads, Wall Street sinks, Gold gains as much as 2.8%, Oil slumps 5%-February 25th, 2020
24-Feb-2020 13:28-GMT United States DXY U.S. Treasuries gain amid muted trading session ahead of FOMC speeches, 2-year auction