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Date / Time Country FX Pair Headline
14-Jul-2020 19:55-GMT United States DXY America’s Roundup: Dollar falls as investor sentiment recovers despite virus surge, Gold firms, Wall Street ends higher ,Oil rises slightly as OPEC+ complies with production cuts-July 15th,2020
14-Jul-2020 19:13-GMT Eurozone EUR/AUD FxWirePro: EUR/AUD rallies to 2-week high, good to buy on dips
14-Jul-2020 17:22-GMT Eurozone EUR/NZD FxWirePro:EUR/NZD -EUR outperforms NZD ahead of key events
14-Jul-2020 17:18-GMT United States DXY U.S. headline inflation accelerates in June
14-Jul-2020 17:13-GMT United States DXY FxWirePro: Major Pair levels and bias summary
14-Jul-2020 16:24-GMT United Kingdom GBP/AUD FxWirePro: GBP/AUD drops to threaten 1.8000 after UK May GDP misses expectations
14-Jul-2020 16:09-GMT United States USD/CHF FxWirePro: USDCHF Daily outlook
14-Jul-2020 15:05-GMT Sweden EUR/SEK Swedish CPIF inflation accelerates above expectations
14-Jul-2020 13:19-GMT United Kingdom GBP/USD U.K. economic activity grows below expectations in May, output likely picked up in remainder of Q2
14-Jul-2020 13:16-GMT Eurozone EUR/USD Europe Roundup: Euro rebounds as investors attention turns to EU recovery fund talks, European Stocks dips,Oil dips on demand fears as OPEC+ considers output increase-July 14th,2020
14-Jul-2020 12:07-GMT Sweden USD/SEK FxWirePro: USD/SEK hovers towards near 4-month trough, dip till 9.1127 likely 
14-Jul-2020 11:29-GMT Norway USD/NOK FxWirePro: Norwegian Krone surges as crude oil prices ahead of OPEC meeting
14-Jul-2020 11:19-GMT Eurozone EUR/CHF FxWirePro: EUR/CHF consolidates previous session's gains, euro firm despite downbeat German and Eurozone ZEW numbers
14-Jul-2020 10:47-GMT New Zealand NZD/USD FxWirePro: NZD/USD capped at 0.66 handle, slips below 5-DMA
14-Jul-2020 10:41-GMT United States EUR/USD FxWirePro: Buy EURUSD on dips
14-Jul-2020 10:40-GMT Denmark USD/DKK FxWirePro: USD/DKK  hovers towards 1-month low, outlook remains bearish 
14-Jul-2020 09:01-GMT Eurozone EUR/JPY FxWirePro: EUR/JPY extends bounce off 21-EMA, outlook bullish
14-Jul-2020 08:48-GMT United Kingdom GBP/JPY FxWirePro: GBPJPY trades below trend line support, dip till 131.75 likely
14-Jul-2020 08:29-GMT United States XAU/USD Gold eases as greenback gains amid U.S.-China tensions
14-Jul-2020 07:01-GMT Japan USD/JPY Asia Roundup: Yen rallies on fresh worries over coronavirus and U.S.-China tensions, Asian shares slump, investors eye EZ economic data - Tuesday, July 14th, 2020
14-Jul-2020 05:43-GMT United States XAU/USD FxWirePro: Sell Gold on rallies
14-Jul-2020 04:34-GMT United States AUD/USD FxWirePro: AUD/USD weakness likely on break below 21-EMA, upbeat China trade data has little impact
13-Jul-2020 20:38-GMT United States DXY America’s Roundup: Dollar decline continues as investors parse economic data, earnings, Wall Street advances, Gold firms, Oil slips on surge in COVID-19 infections, U.S.-China tension-July 14th,2020
13-Jul-2020 18:02-GMT United Kingdom GBP/AUD FxWirePro: GBP/AUD retreats after failing to break Monday's high
13-Jul-2020 17:04-GMT United Kingdom GBP/NZD FxWirePro:GBP/NZD resumes downside after failing to break above 21 DMA
13-Jul-2020 17:00-GMT United States DXY FxWirePro: Major Pair levels and bias summary
13-Jul-2020 16:36-GMT United States DXY FxWirePro: Buy US OIL on dips
13-Jul-2020 13:25-GMT Eurozone EUR/USD Europe Roundup: Euro gains amid caution ahead of EU summit, European stocks gain, Gold firms, Oil dips on surge in COVID-19 infections-July 13th,2020
13-Jul-2020 12:36-GMT Sweden EUR/SEK Swedish CPIF inflation likely accelerated in June on higher energy prices
13-Jul-2020 10:16-GMT United Kingdom GBP/USD FxWirePro: FTSE100 upside capped by 100-4H MA, good to sell on rallies
13-Jul-2020 08:35-GMT United Kingdom GBP/JPY FxWirePro: GBPJPY Mid-day Outlook
13-Jul-2020 08:03-GMT United States BTC/USD Regulatory Series on Cryptocurrencies: A Glimpse At CBDC In H2’2020
13-Jul-2020 07:39-GMT United States XAU/USD FxWirePro: Gold Weekly Outlook
13-Jul-2020 05:59-GMT United States USD/JPY FxWirePro: USD/JPY Daily Outlook
10-Jul-2020 21:11-GMT United States DXY America’s Roundup: U.S. dollar slides as vaccine news offsets surge in virus cases, Wall Street gains, Gold poised for fifth weekly gain, Oil rises as International Energy Agency boosts demand forecast-July 11th,2020
10-Jul-2020 18:37-GMT Eurozone EUR/AUD FxWirePro: EUR/AUD regains upwards momentum but unable to hold above 21DMA
10-Jul-2020 17:34-GMT United States DXY FxWirePro: Major pair levels and bias summary
10-Jul-2020 16:41-GMT United States USD/CHF FxWirePro: USDCHF Daily outlook
10-Jul-2020 15:53-GMT United States USD/CAD USDCAD: Shooting Star and 200-4H EMA
10-Jul-2020 14:01-GMT United States XAU/USD FxWirePro: Gold Bulls on Verge of 9-Years’ Highs – Technical, Trading & Hedging Setup
10-Jul-2020 13:36-GMT Denmark EUR/DKK Danish headline inflation accelerates in June, likely to move higher in months ahead
10-Jul-2020 13:04-GMT United States XAU/USD FxWirePro: Snippets of Bullion Market’s Intricacies, OTC Updates & Options Strategy
10-Jul-2020 12:14-GMT Eurozone EUR/USD Europe Roundup: Euro dips against dollar as coronavirus anxiety deepens, European stocks gain, Gold set for fifth weekly gain, Oil dips, heading for weekly loss as virus cases rise-July 10th,2020
10-Jul-2020 12:10-GMT Sweden USD/SEK FxWirePro: USD/SEK drifts towards 1-month trough, struggles to break above 21-EMA
10-Jul-2020 11:36-GMT Norway USD/NOK FxWirePro: USD/NOK retreats from 4-week trough, faces resistance at 21-DMA
10-Jul-2020 10:45-GMT Denmark USD/DKK FxWirePro: Danish Krone hovers towards 4-week peak as consumer prices surge in June 
10-Jul-2020 09:51-GMT United States XAU/USD Gold firm near 9-year peak and set for 5th straight weekly rise amid COVID-19 fears
10-Jul-2020 09:31-GMT United Kingdom GBP/JPY FxWirePro: Sell GBPJPY on rallies
10-Jul-2020 08:22-GMT United States BTC/USD Digital Currency Revolution Series: LabCFTC Launches Fintech-Focused Virtual Event Series
10-Jul-2020 07:29-GMT Japan USD/JPY Asia Roundup: Yen rallies as coronavirus worries deepen, gold set for 5th straight weekly gain, Asian shares slump - Friday, July 10th, 2020